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Babies Master Music

The UNLV psychology department is looking deeper into how infants learn and interpret music and rhythmic patterns with a series of studies in their auditory cognition and development lab. The lab is conducting several studies aimed at determining how the brains of babies between three months and one year old respond to sights and sounds. […]

UNLV lab studies links between music, child development

November 6th, 2011 Las Vegas Review Journal At just 9 months of age, Keira O’Brien already is quite the astute music listener. Not that she’s particularly aware of it. All Keira — a cute, friendly kid who obviously loves nothing more than getting out of the house to meet some total strangers — is doing […]

Wisdom Research Forum

Wisdom Research Forum: “Effects of meditation….” by Joel Snyder, Phd & Jason Holland, PhD “Effects of meditation on cognitive function, wisdom, and well-being in older adults” Presentation by Associate Professor of Psychology, Joel Snyder, PhD and Assistant Professor of Psychology, Jason Holland, PhD from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas at the University of […]